Investigating the mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance to targeted therapies for lung cancer.

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Therapy-induced APOBEC3A drives evolution of persistent cancer cells.

Published July 5, 2023
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Aaron Hata, MD PhD, Principal Investigator


Our mission is to advance the development of new therapies for patients with lung cancer through scientific discovery of the molecular mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance, understanding tumor evolution during treatment, and identification of targetable vulnerabilities to guide investigation of novel therapeutic strategies.

We are a diverse group of physicians & scientists with expertise in cell biology, pharmacology, genetics, immunology and computational biology. We are currently recruiting at all levels - if you would like to join our team, please contact us.

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News — March 14, 2024

CD47 manuscript is published

Our collaboration with the Weiskopf lab on redirecting macrophages to target persister cells in oncogene-addicted lung cancers is now published in JCI: Targeted therapies prime oncogene-driven lung cancers for macrophage-mediated…

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News — January 18, 2024

Hideko presents at Deaminet 2024

Hideko presents on her most recent work "APOBEC3A drives tumor evolution through activation of ERVs in non-small cell lung cancer" at the the 5th International Conference on Base Editing, Prime…

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